Tandem flights

Come to visit the sky ...

Every day you can make a dream of flying come true, with a professional pilot, in one the best places of the world: Tierra Negra, Merida, Venezuela.

Recommended by Cormetur, Inatur, Inparques and Hang Gliding and Paragliding Federation of Venezuela (Fedevip).

Vuelos de Parapente en Merida

If you have always wanted to fly, all you have to do is call the day before you want to fly, and we will book your flight.

0414-746-02-10 info@ParapenteMERIDA.com

Doesn't matter your age, the only thing is that you need wear a harness.

Recommendation: We recommend eat something light before your flight.

Recommended Clothes: Sport shoes, long trousers and a jacket or sweater.

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